Da Vinci Robot

Revolutionizing Surgery: Precision and innovation with the Da Vinci Robot.

Da Vinci Robot

Da Vinci Robot services offered in Century City, Los Angeles, CA

The da Vinci® surgical system has revolutionized minimally invasive surgery. Joseph Roofeh, MD, in the Century City neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, offers da Vinci robotic surgery for gynecological issues. With this surgical system, Dr. Roofeh expertly performs complex surgical procedures with greater dexterity, precision, and flexibility. Call the office or book a surgery consultation online today.

What is da Vinci robotic surgery?

Da Vinci robotic surgery in Los Angeles is an advanced type of minimally invasive surgery that combines laparoscopic surgical techniques with innovative robotic technology. 

Dr. Roofeh sits at the da Vinci surgeon’s console when performing your procedure. This console has a computer monitor that provides a high-definition image of the surgical site and a control panel that allows Dr. Roofeh to move the robotic arms and surgical instruments. 

The robotic technology moves the instruments like the human hand, but with greater range of motion. This advanced technology allows surgeons like Dr. Roofeh to perform procedures not possible using conventional laparoscopy. 

Am I a candidate for da Vinci robotic surgery? 

Dr. Roofeh is a skilled surgeon and has advanced training in da Vinci robotic surgery. He determines if you’re a candidate for this minimally invasive surgical tool after a comprehensive consultation. 

Dr. Roofeh customizes your surgical plan so you get the best outcomes. This includes what surgical method he uses to perform your procedure. Though the da Vinci robotic surgical system is his preferred choice, it’s not the right choice for all surgeries.  

What procedures are performed with da Vinci robotic surgery?

Dr. Roofeh uses the da Vinci robot to expertly perform a number of procedures. Some of these may include:

  • Hysterectomy
  • Ovarian cystectomy
  • Myomectomy (fibroid removal)
  • Endometriosis resection

Dr. Roofeh is proud to offer surgical treatment for urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse (conditions that affect many women as they get older). 

What are the benefits of da Vinci robotic surgery? 

Any type of surgery comes with risks. But with advances in surgical tools and techniques, they greatly reduce the risk of surgery. Some of the benefits you may find with da Vinci robotic surgery include:

  • Smaller incisions
  • Less scarring
  • Minimal blood loss
  • Less post-surgical pain
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Lower risk of complications

Da Vinci robotic surgery also gives Dr. Roofeh the ability to perform complex procedures with greater precision and flexibility.

To find out if you’re a good candidate for da Vinci robotic surgery, call the office of Joseph Roofeh, MD, or book online today.